*August 29 has Alan Eleazer and Wendel Werner presenting a concert at Broadway United Methodist Church in Maryville, Tn. This  free concert starts at 6:30pm.

*A WEEKEND WITH WENDEL: August 23, 24, and 25. FIRST OF ALL...the 8/24 CONCERT IS NOW SOLD OUT!!
    Wendel is back in Tellico Village with a three-night residency presenting three entirely different concerts: a jazz night, a night of Broadway music, and a night of the blues. A final list of guests has been revealed. Wendel will be joined the leader of Ensemble Swingtime, Deidre Ford on Jazz Night. (8/23) Alan Eleazer will join him for Broadway Night. (8/24) Horn players Kerry Morrison, Peggy Terpstra, and Ruth Johnson will be on stage with him on Blues Night. (8/25) And...YES...singers Anna Caroline Causey, Alison Werner, Betsy Sonewald, and Caitlin Wood singing with him on ALL THRE NIGHTS. No music will be repeated throughout the three concerts. There a just a few tickets left for the Jazz concert and the Blues concert. Contact the Tellico Villgae Community Playhouse for tickets.   

*THE ANNUAL BEATLES BIRTHDAY BASH will happen on Friday August 31. 8pm. HOLLER! Performing Arts Center. $10 suggested donation. Here's the list of special guests: Jenny Lowe, Dave Dunkirk, Deidre Ford, Rachel Little, Amber White, Len Causey, Grant Rhodes, Peggy Terpstra, Kerry Morrison, Anna Caroline Causey, Alison Werner, Bill Walker, Tracy Walker, Dan Maxwell, and THE Caitlin Wood. This may be the most guests Wendel has ever had for the annual Beatles concert .

Wendel Werner, known as Knoxville's pianist, is an accomplished singer, director, composer, producer, teacher and clinician. His career began in 1974, as he sat behind the piano for the first time. Born in Little Rock, AR, he found himself traveling the United States as a child of the US Air Force. High school found him in Memphis, TN where he helped win the Best Jazz Band award, and won the Best Soloist award from the Dogwood Arts Jazz Festival. He went on to compose and direct his high school's musical his Senior year.


Wendel received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the University of Tennessee, and was hired to teach at a local college before finishing his graduate studies. He has worked as the pianist or music director for over ten churches, and has taught at six colleges.


Wendel has released over 12 albums, including four with singer Alan Eleazer, four with saxophonist Terry Schmidt, and several solo albums including his gospel album entitled "Spiritual," and a blues album entitled "Cool by Design." A new album is planned for 2019.


He is in high demand as a music director and lecturer, and travels regularly as a performer. Wendel is also Modern Studio's 2018 Artist-in-Residence, which includes a solo performance each month in addition to curating a concert series and producing/directing several shows. 

Wendel is available for your private event, wedding, or party. Please Contact Us to learn more.